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The Rev. Fr. Dee Wellington Bright
The Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, Sr.


August 31, 2017

A Special Letter from Fr. Bright-

 About Hurricane Harvey

Dear Parishioners,

It has been quite disheartening for us the witness the devastation caused by the storm and flood over Houston and its environ. It is one of the most destructive hurricanes in recorded history. If you followed our parish Facebook recently, you noticed we’ve expressed, with the broader community, our concern and the need for prayer. Amidst the pain, losses and suffering, I have however observed a bit of a silver lining in the midst this very dark situation. For a nation that has been recently troubled by sporadic civil disturbances and divisive bickering and insane violence, it is pleasing to see people of every background (political, racial, ethnic, religious…), reaching out to help each other. I have been so impressed by the positive nature and attitude of people to people. This adversity has truly brought out the best in people as neighbor reach out to neighbor and as strangers extend hands of love to people they don’t know. I pray that this helps us to further appreciate the commonality of our humanity. I pray that this sense of empathy and act of love extends from local to national and from crisis time to ordinary times.

As our hearts go out to the victims and our prayers continue for their safety and relief, we can also lend our helping hands from a distance. While the damages are yet to be fully estimated and while the human losses are yet to be fully mourned, and the grieving yet to be consoled, there is no doubt that help is needed at once.

Our wardens, Glen Cassity and Marsha Moore, therefore join me in making this special appeal for help in collaboration with our diocese. Earlier this week, Bishop Ed forwarded an appeal to congregations asking members to send donations for Hurricane Harvey victims to the diocese that will then be forwarded to the appropriate location. Accordingly, our parish will take a special collection on this coming Sunday, September 3rd, for that purpose. In response to this appeal, please make checks to "the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma" with "Hurricane Relief" in the memo line.

Thanks for your generosity as always.

~Fr. Bright